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5 Aeolian Player Piano Valve Blocks Right
1920 Marshall and Wendell Upright Piano with AMPICO Player
Universal Piano Co. Player Piano - Model P-2
Early 20th century Wegner Milwaukee Parlor Grand Player Piano made by Kreiter
10 Vintage Pianocorder Cassette Tapes in 1 Box Volume 6
The New York Times
But for all its humor, his answer was no throwaway, either as an assessment of the prized and pampered Newberry organ or as a metaphor for Yale’s keyboard ... the Horowitz Piano Series, a parallel set of concerts run by the School of Music’s piano ...
Missionaries Brought Catholicism and Pianos to China. China Kept the Pianos.
“Musical ... piano. … [she] thought the piano a curious sort of instrument, but lacking in volume and tone for so large an instrument. Keyboard instruments spread outside the palace too, starting in churches, where the early missionaries installed ...
Piano lessons in Toronto
Piano lessons in ... Potential Classical Music Conservatory students can browse through the teachers on their website. Canadian Music Academy offers classes in Toronto in piano, piano pop & rock, piano jazz & blues, keyboard, and organ.
Middletown: Neely Bruce concert Nov. 1 at Wesleyan University
Bruce has also composed two one-act operas, five concerti, other orchestral compositions, keyboard works, over 250 solo songs, a series of Grand Duos for various solo instruments and piano ... Pink Music: First Album for Organ, played by Wesleyan ...
When it comes to the piano, it’s easy to be held hostage by your fingers’
Lechner’s family tree sprouts music in ... I’ve put the piano and the drums, so both my daughters are constantly in touch with the instruments. Recently, they went crazy when they discovered the pitch-bending wheels on the keyboard.
Player Piano - HARDMAN DUO - Master player - and Many Rolls
1917-1930 H.C. Bay-Bellmann Upright Player Piano
Walworth By M. Schulz Co Antique upright player piano with bench
Antique Western Electric Mascot Nickelodeon From The 20s
Vintage Antique Gulbransen Early 1900s Electric Player Piano With 236 Rolls
Welte & Sons New York 1920's Grand Piano
Coinola Player Operators Piano Co 1920s Refurbished w 6 A-Rolls Midi PDS128 WOW
Seeburg Model "F" Coin Operated Nickelodeon
Seeburg PGA nickelodeon coin op speakeasy player piano!
Aeolian Cabaret Upright Player Piano in Good Working Condition & 65 Rolls
1920's Farrand upright player piano Vintage Antique uses paper music rolls pump
Steinbach Baby Grand Player Piano
Antique Vintage 1920 Holtzer-Cabot Electric Nickelodeon Piano Motor Coin Op
Bush & Lane Cecilian Player Piano (1919)
Hardman Duo New York c1963 Player Piano Foot Operated or Electric one owner
PLAYER PIANO, Marshall & Wendell, vintage,Chicago World's Fair, with bench,ROLLS
Eilers Piano House Pianola Push-Up Player Piano Vintage Antique RARE
Antique Wurlitzer Upright Player Piano With Extras
Estey New York Player Piano W/ Bench & Player Rolls M. Welte & Sons
1922 Lauter Humana player piano with bench and 40 plus rolls .
Vintage Player Piano Aeolian Sting II w/ 16 rolls
Piano Upright Baldwin
Wurlitzer Roll Frame, 105 to 125 etc.
100 New Cardboard Lifter Discs Disks for Player Piano Pouches 3/4" x .028" thick
Player Piano
Ampico Crescendo unit We will restore yours
Vintage 1929 Ampico Reproducing Piano Service Manual Booklet VG
Euphona ' Inner Player ' 1920 - The Cable Company Chicago ~ Rare Player Piano
Set Of 90 Genuine Leather Gaskets for Ampico/Amphion Player Piano Unit Valves
10 ft Rubber Vacuum Tubing/Hose For Player Piano Tracking Bar 9/64"ID, 1/32"wall
Vintage Player Piano Vacuum Pump
Brinkerhoff Player Piano
Behr Bros. Baby Grand Piano
Corrugated Rubber Pedal Mat Material for Player Piano Foot Pump, 11.75" x 12"
WORKING Player Piano, Made by W. W. Wirth Piano Co. built circa 1915 to 1920
100ft Rubber Vacuum Tubing/Hose For Player Piano Tracking Bar 9/64"ID, 1/32"wall
100 New Cardboard Lifter Discs Disks for Player Piano Pouches 9/16" x.028" Thick
90 Valve Stem Collars for Simplex Player Piano Mechanism, Restoration Parts .157
Player Piano Wind/Roll Motor Ladder Chain, about 4 Links/Inch - 42 per ft
1931 Marshall & Wendell Petite 4'7" Grand Player Piano, Restored
Player Piano - Vintage Story & Clark - w Bench
Vintage Player Piano C. Palle and Co.,Boston (#203236) + 31 Player Rolls
New Ragland Player Piano Stack/Instrument Cutout 1" Main Connectors, Orchestrion
6 Cork/Rubber Gaskets for Gulbransen 3 Tier Player Piano Unit Pneumatics, New
Player piano
Cable Player Piano With Ukulele
Antique Ca.1920 Emerson Electric Nickelodeon Piano Motor Coin Op 1150 RPM - Runs
Emerson Elect Motor, 1150 RPM, Nickelodeo, w/ tension adj.base
Player Piano, Made by MELODIGRAND, Henry Lindeman Founder Circa 1925
Pump/Reed Organ Pedal Webbing/Strap, & Player Piano Bellows Hinges, per foot
Story and Clark Prelude Player Piano
Bellows Cloth Strip 3" x 55" For Player Piano Mandolin Rail Curtain Repair
Universal Player Piano, Replacement Electronic board, Size 3 1/2" X 10 1/2"
Player Piano Roll ~ MIDNIGHT FIRE ALARM by E. T. PAULL ~ Kimball 88 Note D 5780
Mandolin Rail/Rinky Tink Clips/Tabs For Player Piano, Pinch Fit, quantity 100
PianoMID MIDI Controller PianoDisc CD, PIanoDIsc IQ, QRS, Yamaha Player Piano
Wurlitzer Gear Standard, Heavy Duty
Photo Player Chest, Clean Condition
3/16" Rubber Hose/Tubing for Player Piano Restoration, 25 Feet
1" Twill Rubber Hose Vacuum Tubing for Player or Coin Piano Organ Repair
Qty 37 Dopple Flutes
Pianocorder Cassettes - Set Of 9 Volumes - 90 Cassettes! Plus Extra Manuals
Qty 34 Open Flute, Wooden Pipes C to A
12 Valve Stem Collars for Simplex Player Piano Mechanism, Restoration Parts .157
5/16" ID Rubber Hose/Tubing for Player Piano Restoration, 10 Feet
Upright Player Piano (Leonard & CO) with rolls
Aeolian Player Piano Valve Block, Left, Factory Original,
1926 PLAYER PIANO Sherman Clay & Co.
1.25" Diameter 90 Degree Brass Elbow For Player Piano Restoration, 1 1/4"
6 Cork Gaskets for Ampico/Amphion Player Piano Unit Valves, New
Holtzer-Cabot Elect Motor, 1200 RPM, Nickelodeo, w/ tension adj.base
Automatic Shutoff On/Off Spoolbox Slap Switch - Player Piano Suction/Vacuum Box
Antique Ca. 1920 Holtzer-Cabot Electric Nickelodeon Piano Motor Coin Op 1150 RPM
Set of 90 Cork Gaskets for Ampico/Amphion Player Piano Unit Valves, New
New Ragland Player Piano Automatic Rewind/Reroll Pneumatic, Damper, Hammer Rail
Player Piano Wind/Roll Motor Ladder Chain, approx 5 Links/Inch, 65/ft
 Marshall & Wendell Baby Grand  Piano original untouched
12 Pcs Brass Tubing 1.25" Long, 5/32" OD, 1/8" ID, 1/64" Wall For Player Piano
Seeburg Piano parts or Violana or ? Nelson Wiggen
90 Leather Gaskets for Simplex Player Piano Unit Pneumatics, New
8" Outward Pressure Spring For Bellows - Player Piano Repair
100ft Rubber Vacuum Tubing/Hose For Player Piano Tracking Bar 9/64"ID, 3/64"wall
100 Leather Nuts 5/16" for Player Piano Repair
New Pump/Reed Organ Stop Faces, 7/8", Set of 12 , White w/Black Lettering
Aeolian Player Piano Valve Block, Right, Factory Original,
100 Leather Nuts 3/16" for Player Piano Repair
1/4" Rubber Hose/Tubing for Player Piano Restoration, 10 Feet
1 1/4"/1.25" OD Brass Straight Connector For Player Piano Restoration 2" Long
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Life is a cafe cabaret
There are more classical spoofs in "Hungaria" (Liszt) and "Isoldina" (Wagner), but the CD goes into another gear altogether ... Jean Wiener, the "musical soul" of Le Boeuf, joined with Clement Doucet later in the decade for piano duos that, besides ...
Wednesday Thoughts on Music
My dad likes to say that there’s no instrument as expressive as a piano ... but there’s just something about the versatility of a piano, and the capabilities is has for a single player to manipulate musical vibrations. In an attempt to inspire myself ...
Music director enthusiastic about new venture
From 1991-99, he was an organist with the Battle Creek Symphony Orchestra and regularly performed as soloist, accompanist and continuo player ... Organ music is something he enjoys and he looks for ways to dispel stereotypes about it being an instrument ...
Carillon lessons a ringing success
“I find it relaxing,” she said. Although the piano, organ and carillon are all keyboard instruments, the way the music is notated is different for all three. Patrick Knox, 30, of Springfield studies music at the University of Illinois. He came on a ...
Homage on an organ
"I knew I would love to do something to commemorate this anniversary and acknowledge how great his music is ... same remoteness from the instrument. When he first saw an organ in church, at age 7, he was already taking piano lessons; that didn't last ...
Get Out! - Store’s mix of outdoor gear and music is the perfect fit
It’s also a destination for music lovers interested in hearing such acts as Larry Keel, Big Daddy Love and Kofi Burbridge, the keyboard player ... outdoor gear, prompting Phelps to build a stage. Atop the stage is Grimes’ organ, an iconic instrument ...